Big Steps Forward

God has been doing some big things in our lives recently.

In December we had a week long interview process with ReachGlobal to become missionaries- WE WERE ACCEPTED!

In February we had a week long training with ReachGlobal- WE PASSED!

I forgot to mention, in October we found out that we were expecting our first child- WE ARE CLUELESS NEW PARENTS!

In March we flew down to Mexico City to scout our potential new home- WE FELT PEACE!

In April we found out we had been invited to join the team in Mexico City- WE ACCEPTED!

Now we being to develop our prayer and financial team and are praying hard that God will be showing Himself to us during this process.  I have been told over and over that during this process I will be very discouraged but I will also see God move in mighty ways.  Now that we begin this daunting task, I look forward to seeing God in a new light.

Please be praying with us and for us as we have this big task and new journey ahead.

From Mexico Con Amor,

James and Christina