Peaceful Sleep

It started in a tense moment when Taylor was startled awake and cries filled her room.  I came running, in hopes that my presence would calm her.  I often doubt myself as a comforter because I don’t see myself as very nurturing; so I did not expect much when I reached into her crib to pick her up.  I went through my routine- trying different ways of holding Taylor to see if one of them would would ease her cries.  Tired, I sat down on our rocking chair and began humming and to my surprise it worked!  Her eyes began growing heavy and so did mine.  I stood up and took her to my bed and laid down with her.  Her head was resting on my bicep and my arm wrapped her in close to my chest.  I was serenaded into a sleep by her tiny, soft breaths.

I woke up shortly after and watched Taylor as she slept so peacefully.  In that moment, wrapped in my arms, I felt as though I could protect her from anything.  It made me realize how much Gods loves me.  How could I not love such a peaceful and innocent baby that I had a hand in creating?  I know that I am anything but innocent yet God still loves me.  The unconditional love that I have for Taylor made me think about the unconditional love I am shown by my Savior.  God has chosen to bless me in so many ways although I am undeserving.  As tears rolled down my face and sank into my pillow I thanked God for such a precious child and a beautiful wife to share her with.

I never wanted that moment to end.

From Mexico (soon) con Amor,