Mexico Trip Summary

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for your support while I was in Mexico City on my GO (Global Outreach) trip. Our trip was from July 21st – July 27th and was a packed week. My team saw God work through us and in our own lives.

There was a lot of anxiousness as our trip approached. This trip to Mexico City was the first time our church has sent a team to this location, the first time our missionary hosts received a short-term team, and my first time leading a short-term team. Many unknowns caused my team to be in constant prayer and to have a flexible attitude.

My team partnered with a local church to run a pilot English camp for people in the community around the church. Our long-term goal was to give the church a model to follow in order for the church to continue running English camps to provide a service and also allow for opportunity to minister in their community. Up to the day our camp started we had no idea how many students would show up or how well they knew English. The students arrived and one of our fears came true, the students knew more English than we had prepared for. Each day we had to prepare new lessons for the students. It turns out that the lessons that we had to prepare were very helpful to the students and we gained a lot of insight from the lessons as well. Specifically, the second day of our class I was helping in the advanced English class and I had prepared a series of questions to ask the students in order to have a dialog session. My questions were directed to allow the students to speak while providing me with a lot insight into the Mexican culture and how the students grew up and thought about specific issues. It was a very beneficial experience and am excited about all that I learned and how it will help prepare Christina and I to live there long-term.

So much of my time was spent making sure that my teammates were adequately prepared for this trip. I had a lot invested in my teammates and cared deeply for them and their experience while in Mexico City. The part of the trip that meant the most to me came on the last day of classes. I had the opportunity to step back from teaching and walk from class to class to see if anyone needed help. I did not expect what God was going to show me next. As I walked between classes I got to listen to my teammates teaching and ministering to the Mexican students. I felt so much pride that they were being used by God to minister to these students. I was overwhelmed with joy that my teammates were being used to further the gospel in Mexico City.

Thank you again for your support. You made a huge impact in my life, the host church’s community, and Mexico City! Please take a couple of minutes to see a video of our trip. Click HERE to watch the video!