It has been 6 years rom the time we began praying about God leading us into missions.  Over these past six years I wondered what it would be like to be on the plane into Mexico City.  I often thought it would be an emotional descent into the vast metropolis.  The idea of seeing my future home and knowing I had left behind the only life I knew would be overwhelming.

It was nothing like that.

Over the 6 years I wondered this, the picture I had in my head was not that romantic because it never included two children having meltdowns.

It has now been two weeks since we arrived in Mexico City and it has been busy.  We have been able to accomplish so much but still have so much more to do before we are fully settled.

These two weeks have not met my expectations.  I expected a lot more crying and to be sick of hearing nothing but Spanish.  So far they have been exciting!  I know that sometime soon homesickness will hit me (as will Montezuma’s Revenge), however for now I am thankful for the ways that God is being patient and gracious with us.