Things To Come

December was a VERY busy month.  We had both of our families visit.  Christina’s parents visited in the beginning of December and my parents came over Christmas.  It was really nice to show them our city and a little bit of what our daily lives are like.  We took them to see all of the tourist sights and ate at some very delicious restaurants.  (Obviously I am not a tour guide in my daily life, but part of what I do when we host people from the states is show them around the city.)

While it is good- and in many ways refreshing- to have people visit us, it is also very tiring.  There is one tour that we do where we take people, by public transportation, to the city’s historic center.  We see a 200 year old cathedral and many monuments. Over the course of the day we walk 10 miles!!!  And that is only one day.

Now it is January 1 and we have a little break.  This year will be very busy (isn’t everyone’s?).  I have 3 trips to the states, a short-term team from Grace Baptist visiting, pending invitations for people to visit (please come visit us, you people!), and I will be the interim team leader for our Mexico City team while our team leader is on a 1 year furlough.  Please pray for us, as I can foresee that this will be a tiring and growing year for me!