About Us

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James+Christina+Taylor+Noah= Our familia.


I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family who loved the Lord and were involved in church.  Although I had many opportunities to learn about Christ’s love, I did not accept Christ as my Savior until I was 18.   The Holy Spirit radically changed my heart and I sought to glorify God with my life.

I attended The Master’s College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Biblical Studies.

I met Christina my freshman year of college at church.  Although our families had known each other for about 12 years at the time, Christina and I did not know each other.  Christina’s best friend married my brother and they “encouraged” us to date each other- and we did!  On January 11, 2009 we were married and I have loved every minute of it.  We have a daughter, Taylor and are now expecting our second child, a son due on March 21st, whose name will be a surprise once he is born.

I worked in banking from 2006 to 2012 as a personal banker where I learned about finances and the importance of budgeting personal finances, financial knowledge, customer service, and being a testimony for Christ in the workplace.  In 2012 I began working for a non-profit missions organization as their Accounting Manager.  Working there taught me about budgeting in a large company, day-to-day accounting, leadership, and honoring God with finances.  Most recently I was employed by my alma mater serving as a Financial Aid Counselor.

I desire to bring the knowledge I have gained to those who do not have a full understanding of honoring God with finances.  The Lord has also given me a desire for discipleship.  I enjoying being in relationship with people and helping them to understand how to better glorify God with their lives.

I enjoy surfing, riding my motorcycle, reading, hiking, spending time with my wife, babies and my dog.


I grew up in a Christian home and learned about God from an early age. At the age of five I accepted Christ as my savior and continued to grow as I went to church and was involved in various ministries. I didn’t fully understand what it meant to follow Christ with my whole life until high school. I began going on short-term mission trips through my church and was able to see God work in amazing ways.

I attended esthetician school and received a license to be a makeup artist and skin care provider.  I have used my skills as a makeup artist to do makeup for weddings, proms, and theatrical plays.  After receiving my esthetician license, I went to The Master’s College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

When James and I got married we did not have intentions to go into full-time missions.  A year into our marriage, James felt that God was calling us into career missions.  We took a year and a half to pray and seek God’s will until we knew that He was indeed leading us in that direction.  Over the last few years God has worked in both of our hearts in some amazing ways.  We have learned to fully pursue God and to let go of securities we have in this world.

God has worked through my passions for doing makeup and sharing other’s burdens to open the door for an amazing ministry in Mexico City.  I will bring my skills as a makeup artist to a salon that serves prostitutes enslaved in sex-trafficking.  Through continued relationships with these women I will have opportunities to show them love and compassion and ultimately to share the gospel.

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