Our Purpose


We desire to see Mexico City transformed by the power of the true gospel.

James will be using his passion for discipleship to help build up the believers in Mexico City.  He will be using his desire to see people grow into mature believers in Christ to disciple people within the church and people in the community.  Striving for multiplication rather than addition, empowering national leaders to develop and train other leaders is the only way to reach a city of 22 million.  Giving Mexicans the tools and training to evangelize, disciple, and study the Word, we pray that the gospel would expand exponentially in Mexico City.  Another aspect of discipleship will include James’ love for financial stewardship by teaching people how to honor God with money.

Christina has a unique opportunity to use her Esthetician license to work in a salon that serves prostitutes.  She hopes to develop relationships and trust with the women and to ultimately share the gospel with them.  The salon, run by a Christian non-profit, aims to provide a safe environment where relationships can be nurtured and God can be proclaimed.  Due to the sensitive nature of this ministry, not all details can be shared on this page.  If you wish to learn more about Christina’s ministry, please email her at: Christina.Richardson@efca.org.

Together we will engage their community through everyday life.  It is our desire for others to see Christ through us and through our words.  We know that God has uniquely gifted both of us to do wonderful things for the Kingdom through His power.

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